A meme project with
broad utility and
high engagement.

The roadmap is eventful. We’ve got a lot planned for the future.

The tokenomics are powerful. We’ve calculting for the fairness.


Our core aim is to create a strongly knitted and active community.

Lazarus is the response to the wide slew of meaningless meme coins.While Lazarus’s brand personality is lighthearted,
the mission is filled with serious aspirations of an ecosystem that is productive, expansive, and inclusive.
We’re a community-focused project- fun is of significant importance,
but so is building something meaningful and impactful.



All about tokenomics, supplies, initial LP, contracts, decimals, and other things will be announced here after launch in order to guard against fakes.
the thing we will tell you is that the tax is under 5%.
LP Will be locked for an undisclosed amount of time.

this page should contain the contract on Etherscan.
However we have not published the contract for now,
this page will take you there A.S.A.P